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  • "Dr. Tom Cargill has been my eye doctor for about 10 years. On my 1st visit he diagnosed a condition on my cornea that had been completely overlooked by my previous eye doctor and referred me to a specialist for monitoring. Over the years he's referred me for additional testing, as needed and he's fully gained my trust and respect for his professionalism and skills. He's very personable and easy to carry on a conversation and laugh with - great attributes in a doctor who spends a good part of the exam less than 10 inches from your face! When I need glasses, he has gotten my prescription perfect every time. The adjustment period to the new lenses has literally been just a few minutes. I've always found frames I loved at his office easily, too. The office staff are always pleasant and personable and Beth can do a quick fix on some maladjusted frames in a matter of seconds anytime I stop in for a tweak."
    Mac R.
  • "Best eye exams I've ever had - bar none. This coming from someone who has been wearing glasses for over 50 years so I've had a few. Best thing I ever did was to start going to Dr. Tom. He's thorough, up to date with technology, personable and able to explain options clearly. I trust him with my eyes. And trust is an important thing in doctors, accountants, financial advisors, and auto mechanics especially. Dr. Tom rates at the TOP. No longer do you have to look through lenses and have one after another glass lens plopped in front of you and "better" or "worse" it. Now it's all automated and the finite adjustments with the computer controls make it a sure thing that you'll get the best prescription possible. And a good eye exam goes way beyond just walking out with a prescription!! Digital retina scans and advanced glaucoma screening allow you to know that you've had a thorough exam and that your eyes are in great hands. Highly recommended!"
    Gary R.
  • "I have a very complicated eye history and in my youth didn't bother to keep my records as I moved around America. I went to Dr. Cargill looking for a referral and nothing more. What I got was a full exam by someone who gave a damn about my eyes and someone who was able to piece together a history of my surgeries and my eyes. (Another well known surgery group about 5 miles north tried to tell me that I'd never had surgery on my left eye!) He never rushes me, but is always prompt about getting me into the exam chair. He answers every question and takes time to explain not only what is going on but why it is going on. And when I call to schedule an exam, they are always pleasant and work around my schedule, not the other way around. I've seen between 20 -30 eye doctors over the years. Dr. Cargill and his staff are by far the nicest and, more importantly, the best that I've ever come across."
    David A.

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